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Corvette 454 IMSA

 - Corvette by JPS Racing

Generation: C3 Greenwood

Year: 1974 

Race Numbers: 16

Ownership: Vincent Sarlin

Drivers: from SCCA 1977-1980 (John Tully?) until 2009 to be confirmed; from 2009 to 2016 SVRA: Joseph Hartsell - Mac Lyle; from 2017: Vincent Sarlin

History in SVRA: VIR Gold Cup 2011, Carolina Motorsports Park 2012, Savannah VDCA 2012, Gold Cup VIR 2012, Sebring Historics 2012, SVRA Gold Cup 2014

Planned to be raced in vintage Europe

 - Corvette by JPS Racing

Original Color: White, Red, Blue  

Tires/Wheels: Jongbloaed, Front wheels: 15" x 10", Rear wheels: 15” x 14”, Goodyear  

Engine: 454 ci Big Block (Strocked to 476 ci),10.1 compression ratio, Dry sump, Brodix Aluminum heads, Holley 4 barrel              

Transmission: Jerrico 4 speeds

 - Corvette by JPS Racing

Driveline: Suspension was rebuilt during the restoration (2009), with Billstein stock absorbers, Fully adjustable and notched suspension, with vintage legal period specs. The fuel cell was replaced in 2012, with fuel system plumbed for both carbonated and fuel injected systems. Brakes are Willwood NASCAR, with dual master cylinders

Body: Early Body Greenwood, painted by Ron (Flea) Fleenor


History - Corvette by JPS Racing

Car was restored to race in vintage for several years by Joe Hartsell / Mac Lyle. The car has been drag raced before by two owners. The first drag owner lost the early history of the corvette which would have raced in SCCA after 1975. After investigation and contact with John Tully, the car could be the John Tully greenwood body corvette number 80, raced in transam from middle 70”, then sold to Donald Sak in Minesota. John Tully provided some details about car specifications for helping Mac Lyle's investigations. At date, the early racing life of this greenwood racing corvette cannot be officially confirmed. From writing between John Tully and Mac Lile, “This is almost surely the same car”.

Bonus from the web

Bonus from the web - Corvette by JPS Racing

Picture : Wolfsburg RS, raced by Joe Hartsell to Heacock Classic Gold Cup VIR 2011, findings on www.picssr.com

Video bonus 1 : start 2012 Sebring Historics race, from Camaro competitor, see the first 2 minutes to see Corvette widebody Greenwood on action, raced by Joe Hartsell

Video bonus 2 : 2012 Sebring Historics, lot of images or all competitors including shots of Corvette during the film. Fortunately, fans are helping for capturing these kind of pieces for archives.



Corvette by JPS Racing

Corvette by JPS Racing

Corvette by JPS Racing

Corvette by JPS Racing

Corvette by JPS Racing

Corvette by JPS Racing